High School Student Arrested After Notifying Principal ‘We’re Disappointed In You’

“…In footage shot discreetly by one of the student protesters, Principal Tobias is witnessed attempting to lecture students about how staging a sit-in is not the appropriate way to resolve their conflict.

“I am disappointed in every one of you,” Tobias began telling the students after he managed to get them to quiet down.

“We’re disappointed in you,” Hunter Ernst, 18, of Schererville, replied, to which students cheered and applauded in support.

At that point, as if in some future dystopian world, Principal Tobias signaled a school officer to take the boy away. “I’d like him removed please,” Tobias is heard telling the officer.

Ernst was arrested and taken to the Lake County Jail where he was released on bond the same day. He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and possession of a pocket knife on school property, the St. John police chief told the NWI Times

“It has been said that America’s schools are the training ground for future generations,” John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, has written of the indoctrination taking place in public schools. “If so, and unless we can do something to rein in this runaway train, this next generation will be the most compliant, fearful and oppressed generation ever to come of age in America, and they will be marching in lockstep with the police state.”



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John Perkins Discusses Economic Destabilization, Sorting Through Truth, 9/11 and Confessions Part 2

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Honest University Commercial – EveRy University

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Yves Engler and the Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy

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Pete Seeger – What Did You Learn In School?

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on American Hegemony

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‘Oh you’re gonna shoot me?’ Sarcastic last words of straight-A student shot dead by college cop

“A witness says he heard the sarcastic final words of a Texas student moments before he was shot dead by a college police officer.

Robert Cameron Redus, 23, was killed when Corporal Chris Carter, 35, opened fire on him in the early hours of Friday morning a few blocks away from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio where Redus studied, set to graduate in May.

Neighbour Mohammad Haidaras told My San Antonio  that he heard a tense exchange between Redus and Carter sixty seconds before shots rang out.

He told the website: ‘I heard (a man) say, ‘Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?’ like sarcastic almost.’

The 22-year-old claims he heard gunshots less than a minute later and jumped into his closet…”

Source: Daily Mail


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Dr. Robert Pastor on the North American Idea

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How Wall Street Power Brokers Are Designing the Future of Public Education as a Money-Making Machine

“…This is about corporate control of taxpayers money,” she says. “[The private sector] already has part of the military, some of the roads, that kind of thing. The new money pot is education.”

Valued at $1.3 trillion, the U.S. education market is more like a giant cauldron, and many of the individuals stirring it have a long track record of funding pro-charter candidates for state government across the country.

Now, as Rock’s investments in the APS race indicates, they’re setting their sights even further down the food chain, pumping big money into local school board elections, which have historically been the stuff of door-to-doors visits, town hall meetings, and fundraisers that yield a few thousand, or even just a few hundred dollars in campaign funds. As a result of their interest, it’s increasingly common for pro-charter school board candidates to outspend their opponents six to one, in races that are fast becoming the new front in the battle to privatize public education…”

Source: AlterNet


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Adolf Hitler’s Common Ground with MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry

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