News in Education

Education…the good, the bad and the ugly:


Wet Books: Smuggling Banned Literature Back into Arizona

In Australia, New “Ministry of Truth” will Silence Climate Skeptics

Lord Monckton’s Schenectady Showdown

Homeland Security Infiltrating Higher Education

The Origin & Evil of Public Schools: John Taylor Gatto

Imperial Domination Over a Nation of Sheep

Natural Education, Homeschooling & the Rebirth of Liberty

A Classical Education: The Greatest Opportunity for our Children

Fed to take Propaganda to School Room: Will Teach Students of “Constitutionality” of…the Fed

Rockefeller Mass Mind Control

Teacher Arrested for Declining to Sit Down at DMV

Teacher Forces Student to Urinate in Bucket


Let’s Pretend Student Loans are About Education

The High Cost of Dumbing Us Down

College Education Economics

45,000 Caught Cheating at Britain’s Universities

The Reproduction of Privilege

Peter Schiff & Lew Rockwell on the Real Crash

Greek Students Fight Stray Dogs & Despair Amid College Cuts

3 in 10 Young Adults Live with Parents, Highest Level Since 1950s

Alarming Number of Homeless Students

Schools Face $8 Billion in Possible Budget Cuts

Where the Jobs are, the Training May Not Be

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